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Tips to keep your light

We all have bad times when we stop shining , the stress consumes us, the overwhelmed takes over our lives and the energy and the motivation gradually decrease.



We all have bad times when we stop shining , the stress consumes us, the overwhelmed takes over our lives and the energy and the motivation gradually decrease. Don't let it happen! Follow the following tips with determination and your light will never stop shining .



It is scientifically proven that living in a messy house affects health causing stress, fatigue and headache. Therefore, it is necessary to create a clean and minimalist environment, disregarding all those objects that are obsolete or not used. The trick is to reflect your personality in your home or workplace . This technique will make you feel 100% comfortable, you will keep that inner calm and the motivation to do things right will grow by leaps and bounds.



Loving oneself is essential to realize all the potential within. It is vital to value oneself, appreciating good characteristics and learning to love imperfections. security is the most attractive attribute of a person. Every morning, look in the mirror and say 3 positive things about yourself. Repeat this action every day and see how you will leave home wanting to eat the world. You will release good vibes and be able to achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Believe in yourself and value yourself as you deserve.





It is necessary to disconnect from time to time, to reconnect with much more energy. Release mental and physical load by resting 45 minutes every day , at a minimum. It is not necessary to relate sleep to rest, since, for example, watching a good series toxins are released. Reading a book, having a good cup of tea or coffee or listening to music while lying on the couch are examples of total rest. Moments to resume with freshness and strength the whole day.




Exercising has many health benefits. At least 30 minutes of sport a day must be done to remove waste substances through sweat and to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, which makes our organs more efficient. Other good consequences that exist when exercising are the activation of the lungs because they are oxygenated and as a detoxification mechanism, an action that protects against depression. No need to hire a gym or go outside. You can do cardio in the living room, you just need music and energy. You have no excuse!



Having a good time with family or friends is as important as your working life. On a daily basis, people do not believe it is important to take care of their social lives and they are completely wrong! Spending time with your loved ones can be a way to escape your worries and problems, because endorphins are released that reduce or eliminate pain and produce a feeling of general well-being.
< br /> Having fun produces pleasure, promotes our self-esteem, reduces anxiety and allows us to develop a positive attitude towards life. Going out, spending the day at the beach or having dinner with your favorite person are flat shots that will fill you with happiness.



Last but not least, enjoying the little whims does not hurt. From time to time it is necessary to pamper yourself buying that dress that you like so much or savoring a chocolate crêpe.

Our super tip is as follows:

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