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The beginnings of Barros de Ibiza go back to years ago, when its creator, Carina La Rosa, a fan of the island of Ibiza, had the anxiety and illusion of being able to transform the famous Barros de Ibiza into a unique product that provides all the benefits of the famous Ibizan clay.


She began to investigate the possibilities and viabilities of the product and, after many months of work and waitings, she managed to acquire a quantity of mud to irradiate it (eliminating the organic living matter), sanitize it, respecting its positive properties and its maximum benefits for cosmetic use, after several laboratory tests Barros de Ibiza was finally born.




Ibiza has unique conditions, such as its climate, its lands, rich in high mineral content, as iron, silica, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. That is why Barros de Ibiza's products provide all the care your skin needs, as well as providing and transmitting the good energy breathed on the island. Some of the benefits that Ibiza clay brings to our skin are: a calming, refreshing, antioxidant and cellular regenerating effect.




This is how our first two products are born: the Ibiza clay cream, which combines Ibiza clay with more than 10 essential ingredients of vegetable origin, such as Aloe Vera, and the Ibiza clay mask, which combines more than 7 ingredients with Ibizan clay and, for example, sweet almond oil, providing all the benefits that the skin needs.

Thanks to all the ingredients that our products contain, they offer natural solar resistance, creating a protective barrier against free radicals, such as UV rays.




Referring to our philosophy and what we believe and want to convey, we must emphasize that all our cosmetics are natural, 100% vegan and committed to the environment and animals, using only recyclable packaging and excluding all derivatives of animal origin.

When you buy a Barros de Ibiza product, you do not only get a cosmetic product full of beneficial and quality ingredients, but you also receive thousands of good vibrations that we want to transmit in the essence of our products.

Welcome to the essence of Barros de Ibiza! A unique and pioneering brand in the world.





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