Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics

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In Barros de Ibiza, we believe that it is of total importance to know to which products we expose our skin, its origin, its production and components. That's why in the next post we will explain in detail what is vegan cosmetics and why we love it in Barros de Ibiza.

"Vegan cosmetics don't necessarily have to be brown and green. I love luxury products and style" - Kat Von D.

  • What is vegan cosmetics?

Vegan products are those that have no ingredients or animal derivatives in their composition. Therefore, it is normal that those vegan products are also natural and in their preparation predominantly ingredients from plants or minerals. 

But let's not forget that it could be made from synthetic substances and still be approved as vegan, as long as it does not contain any animal ingredients.

At Barros de Ibiza we pay special attention to skin care, so in addition to making vegan cosmetics, all our products are 100% natural. We look for the benefits and extras that your skin needs, in the elements that nature offers us, creating a soft and careful cosmetic with your face, totally free of toxics. 


  • What are the advantages of vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics bring incredible health benefits to our skin, being ideal for people who have an oily, dry or delicate and sensitive skin type. 

The benefits that nature offers us for the care of our body are countless: natural oils nourish, hydrate, soften and heal our skin, for example. 

Unlike artificial cosmetics, which contain large amounts of substances that can be harmful to the health of our skin, vegan cosmetics bring a host of benefits. Being a 100% natural product it does not affect your skin, on the contrary it moisturizes and keeps it fresher.  

In this type of cosmetic the use of natural oils stands out, which have great antioxidant properties that nourish the skin from the outside to the inside erasing the spots, regenerating and softening the wrinkles and expression lines, making you look fresh and healthy skin. 

The regular use of natural and vegan cosmetics will help our skin to prevent skin diseases such as psoriasis. 


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