We fulfill your wish for this 2020; vegan, natural and ecological cosmetics

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New Year, a time of change, of improvement, of setting new goals and objectives to be achieved.

It's already said: New year, new life. That's why from Barros de Ibiza we want to help you to fulfill those desires of looking splendid the 365 days through a vegan, natural, ecological and cruelty free cosmetic.

Purpose no. 1: Pamper yourself with organic cosmetics

You start the year full of energy to cope with the routine, to give everything at work, to enjoy your hobbies... But do you have time to pamper yourself?

Barros de Ibiza gives you that unique and exclusive moment for you. Establishing a daily routine for your face will help calm the daily stress we are under. Thanks to Ibiza Clay Mask you will be able to achieve healthy and moisturised skin instantly, fighting the tired look and stress of everyday life through ecological cosmetics. 


Purpose No. 2: CARE with natural cosmetics

One of the most common purposes is to take care of yourself, get in shape, go to the gym, eat healthy... Have you ever set your mind to it? Have you ever accomplished it? You don't have any excuses anymore.

Ibiza Clay Cream all the care your skin needs in one bottle. Not only does it deeply moisturise your skin and noticeably reduce redness and spots on your face, but it also protects it against ageing thanks to its Tens-up and hyaluronic acid components.

Ideal to give you that daily care touch that will help you show all your inner beauty through a skin that is illuminated, smooth, hydrated and deeply cared for.

In addition, being a natural cosmetic, your face will not be exposed to the toxins that many brands use and will create a natural protective layer before external agents.


Purpose No. 3: Loving with Vegan cosmetics

A time of gifts, family and love for your loved ones. But don't forget the self-respect. Love yourself!

Sometimes we forget the most important thing; to love ourselves. That's why we're giving you the third purpose. Love yourself in your own calm. Relax... Take your Cleaneaser Aqua-Gel & Ibiza Clay Extract and treat yourself to a deep cleansing massage.

It's okay to give love to your loved ones, so we give it to you, through a vegan cosmetic, by loving you and loving the planet. Finish your daily facial routine in Barros de Ibiza with the new gel-textured micellar water, and start loving yourself a little more every day!



And as if that were not enough, by fulfilling these three purposes that we propose from Barros de Ibiza, you help the environment.

We work with vegan, natural and cruelty free cosmetics. That is to say, we do not use animals or their derivatives in any of our products so that you can enjoy your facial routine to the full. A whole range of ecological cosmetics, so that you can all enjoy the essence of Ibiza.


 Barros de Ibiza wishes you happy year 2020!

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