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The only product with micellar water in the market to add the bars of Ibiza as a special ingredient

Barros de Ibiza presents the launch of a completely innovative and extraordinary new product following the range of 100% natural and vegan products.




A MICELAR WATER WITH IBIZA MUD EXTRACTS !! A cleanser with mild surfactants and astringent agents from Ibiza mud for a very deep cleaning. A mixture of 6 natural active ingredients that provide nutrients to the skin, providing a bright, hydrated and, above all, clean face of impurities and toxins. Its formula is based on Ibiza mud, ECO Chamomile extract, Witch hazel extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Concentrated Fig Juice and Glycerin, as well as other natural ingredients.


It is the MUST HAVE of your Mediterranean beauty routine

It is the essential beauty tool for your facial cleansing routine. A simple, comfortable and much less aggressive way to eliminate excess fat, sebum and other impurities that are created throughout the day. Does it serve to remove makeup? YES, indeed! In one pass, remove all makeup particles from your face in a natural and harmful way. In addition, it is composed of natural assets that help the skin's nutrition and hydration. It is necessary to know that in order not to damage the tissues of the complexion and prevent the appearance of pimples or blackheads we must let the skin rest. And how to achieve it? Applying the Micellar Aqua-Gel & Ibiza Clay Extract in the morning and before going to sleep. In this way, our skin can breathe in front of all the products we use during the day and we will get improvements in the appearance and regeneration of our skin.


Why is Micellar Water composed of IBIZA MUDS so beneficial?



The Ibiza Mud have a sebum regulating and anti-septic effect and, therefore, is the ideal ingredient for a skin cleanser. In addition, it has a great absorbent power, helps and accelerates the autogenous healing processes and has a high stimulating capacity inducing cell reconstruction. Our Micellar Aqua-Gel is not only made up of the mud of Ibiza, its formula is complemented by the following natural assets:

  • ECO Chamomile Extract : a component with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-free radical and protective properties against ulcers and aging caused by the sun.
  • Witch hazel extract : Contains a great antioxidant activity and improves skin microcirculation in general.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: has excellent regenerative properties and is effective in regulating hydration and restructuring the skin.
  • Concentrated fig juice: has anti-aging and firming properties due to its vitamin A content, which increases cell regeneration and improves dryness, and in Vitamin C, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Glycerin: has a moisturizing and moisturizing activity of 100% vegetable origin.


Feel the sunny Ibiza kissing your skin


Agua Micellar con Barros de Ibiza
Agua Micellar con Barros de Ibiza






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