Natural, organic and vegan, how do these three terms differ?

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Many times we wonder the difference between these three terms. Today in Barros de Ibiza we will explain how they differ.

Natural cosmetics are those that try to include as many ingredients of natural origin as possible and this is done to try to avoid certain compounds that may be pollutants.

We have it very clear. Barros de Ibiza believe and create natural and vegan cosmetics, and we do it for the simple reason that the power of plants, seeds and fruits can give us magnificent results.

And natural is not the same as vegan?

Not at all! Natural is not the same as vegan, vegan means that it does not use animal ingredients.

Our cosmetics are natural and vegan. And that's why in Barros de Ibiza we give priority to animal welfare and use natural, non-polluting products.

And what does ecological mean?

Organic is a term that refers to those ingredients or products that come from organic agriculture, and now you will ask us what is that? Organic agriculture is the one that produces food respecting the environment and preserving the fertility of the land, without using any type of pesticide.

And so it is, Barros de Ibiza, is a brand that is natural, vegan and organic, these three terms that characterize what we are and what we want to convey.

And finally, tell me what did you think about this new post, did you know the difference between these terms? We read you

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