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In winter and due to the low temperatures our skin undergoes changes, and those who suffer most are the sensitive skins. What is the reason for this?

Below we explain how to keep your skin cared for and protected from the cold and wind we are exposed to at this time of year with natural, vegan and ecological cosmetics.


With the cold the body consumes more calories, which leads to an increase in blood supply in order to regulate our body temperature. it carries out thermoregulation. This effect is transferred to our skin causing diverse effects.

In normal skin increases sebum secretion creating a natural protective layer against lower temperatures.

On the other hand, sensitive skin is the most exposed to changes, so it is the most reactive and notices the changes in a more aggressive way. These effects on the skin include atopic skin, with eczema, rosacea and dehydration.

On the other hand, in order to provide heat to the skin, vasodilatation (increased blood flow) occurs, causing dehydration of the skin. Previously, and in order to avoid heat loss, vasoconstriction (contraction of the vessels) occurs, which produces a lower contribution of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, creating a dryness effect and skin prone to wrinkle formation.

Depending on our skin type, we must perform a skin routine or another and select the most appropriate products to protect us from external aggressions caused by the cold. Here are a few tricks to take care of your sensitive skin:

  • To combat the redness that is intensified due to vasodilation we must provide our skin with intense care with specialized cosmetics to reduce this type of damage. As it is exposed to aggressive external agents, such as cold and wind, it is recommended that this be natural cosmetics.

    For this we recommend daily use of Ibiza Clay Cream, a cream designed from soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as aloe vera and rosemary extract, ideal for combating redness and enjoying relaxed and luminous skin.
  • The skin also suffers from dryness, as it does not secrete as much sebum, thus losing the ability to protect itself. In these cases the experts recommend the use of thicker creams. Ibiza Clay Cream, thanks to its highly concentrated content, allows you to look calm with very little product.
  • Finally, something that concerns us all and affects us equally is the appearance of wrinkles. Low temperatures accelerate the formation of these. The whole range of Barros de Ibiza, apart from being created especially for the care of sensitive skin, also has anti-aging properties thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, hibiscus extract or chicory root.


For complete care and to combat the winter cold, use Ibiza Clay Mask twice a week, which will help you reduce surface wrinkles immediately, intense hydration with its prolonged use and the elimination of dead cells, thus allowing the Ibiza Clay Cream to be fully absorbed and to enjoy its many benefits to the full, such as the prevention of the appearance of wrinkles with its anti-ageing and tens-up effect.

And to end the day, give your skin that touch of calm with Micellar aqua-gel & Ibiza Clay Extract with its sebum-regulating and antiseptic effect, deeply cleansing your face. 

Protect your skin in depth with Barros de Ibiza with natural, vegan and ecological specialized cosmetics and ideal for your skin. 

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