Say goodbye to oily skin and acne with Barros de Ibiza

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Do you have oily skin and are you tired of unwanted glow and the appearance of unwanted acne?

Do not worry, there are solutions that can take care of oily skin with natural cosmetics and give a healthier appearance to your skin, without glitter, matifying it and avoiding acne, pimples, the spots that can come out and excess sebum. 

Did you know that clay is one of the most powerful natural ingredients available to control oily skin?

That's right! One of the oldest ingredients in existence and with more results than Mother Nature has given us. With powers to eliminate dead cells, control and regulate the sebum of our skin, reduce unwanted shine, cleanse the pore in depth and with DETOX properties thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial power.

The beauty routine to control oily skin that we offer you in Barros de Ibiza.

Your beauty routine to say goodbye to oily skin: 

1. Cleaning and exfoliation: The most important step every day to oxygenate your skin and avoid accumulating toxins and bacteria, a daily cleaning with the micellar with ectract of clay from Ibiza will help us to keep the excess of oil at bay, feeling a lighter and oxygenated skin. 

Although we do not use makeup, it is important to cleanse the skin daily and especially before applying any product to the skin to avoid blocking the pore and look healthy skin avoiding premature aging.

2. Mask once a week : Ibiza Clay Mask will give us the total DETOX our skin needs, eliminating dead cells, with antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. From the first moment of application we will notice a reduction in unwanted shine, recovering the natural glow of our skin.  It is important to cleanse with the micellar before applying our Ibiza Clay Mask so that our dermis correctly absorbs all its nutrients.

With DETOX effect, anti-aging and TENS UP, feel how your skin breathes again and looks healthy and young. 

3. Daily hydration: Yes, but always with a cream that suits your skin. Why with Barrros de Ibiza? Barros de Ibiza, working with the minerals of Ibiza clay, will help you control excess oil on your skin from the first moment, say goodbye to shine, blemishes and acne.

With 11 natural active ingredients, Ibiza Clay cream is positioned as a premium cosmetic brand, at the height of the great brands, as well as being a national, Mediterranean product with which you will feel all the magic of Ibiza through its minerals.

Say goodbye to oily skin, goodbye to acne and goodbye to blemishes, a beauty routine that will change your skin forever.

Limited products given the protection of the Mud of Ibiza, do not miss the opportunity to change your skin forever.

Barros de Ibiza is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, soothing the skin and reducing redness from the first moment.

"The Celibrities beauty secret" 


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