Summer is over, your skin care is not

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It is a fact that summer affects our skin, this is mainly due to sun exposure, so it is necessary to treat and prepare the skin for the cold and what better way than in a vegan and natural way?

From Barros de Ibiza we explain what consequences summer has on your face and how to fight them. 

Sun exposure, chlorine and external factors typical of summer, among others, cause havoc on our skin, producing dryness in it, making it look duller and losing its natural and healthy glow. For this reason it is important to renew and care for the face in a more intense way, to recover it from the possible damages caused:

  • Dryness in the face. Surely you have noticed that your skin looks dehydrated.
  • Appearance of spots. This is the main visible effect on our skin after exposure to UV rays.
  • Loss of natural radiance. The skin lacks brightness due to dehydration and the appearance of dead cells.
  • Irritation of sensitive areas. It is important to calm the skin after each exposure to the sun, also when the summer ends.

We suggest a DETOX PLAN, which is careful with your skin and treats it in a gentle but effective way. That's why with The Ibiza Essence pack and the natural and vegan cosmetics that compose it, you will be able to renew and illuminate your face again.


  • Restores the natural and characteristic luminosity of your face.
  • Reduces spots caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Recovers the necessary hydration of your skin thanks to natural olive oil, kaolin and glycerin.
  • Deep cleansing and elimination of impurities in the skin. Regenerating it thanks to the particles of Ibiza and Bentonite clays that make up all our cosmetics.
  • It calms the irritation. Thanks to its aloe vera composition. 

" That in your skin, the summer is reflected by its tan and not by imperfections. You enjoy, we take care of you".

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