What do the muds of Ibiza have that even celebrities fall in love with?

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Popularly known are the mud baths in the Balearic Islands but, even more praised are by many international celebrities, who do not miss the opportunity to spread on this beneficial material when they come to the island Ibiza.



We know them by films like Lucia and Sex, we see them in the photos of the most famous, in the posts of the international influencers ... no one dispenses with the benefits of this clay.

The clay stands out for being healing, refreshing, decongestant, purifying, anti-inflammatory and cellular regenerator.



If you have not yet tried the clay as the base of our mask, we tell you what are its properties and why you should start using this material as an ally product for your skin. the mud, properly treated, is an antiseptic element. Because of its components, clay has a great disinfectant and antiseptic power that, when it comes into contact with the skin, is capable of absorbing and dragging all kinds of toxins and impurities from the inside to the outside of our skin.



It is calming and anti-inflammatory, since it calms this type of affections in the skin, desinflamándola and reducing pain instantly. The minerals contained in this active principle, apart from nourishing our skin, penetrate our body providing essential micronutrients for its proper functioning.



Clay also regenerates the tissues thanks to the minerals it possesses, which provides the cells with essential nutrients to heal, reproduce and regenerate damaged skin tissues.



So, in short, we can say that clay is a TOP ingredient for our cosmetics for the following benefits it brings to the skin:

1. Favours complete cellular reproduction, thinning and cleansing of the skin

2. Promotes exfoliation of the skin and scalp

3. Absorbs toxins and impurities

4. Promotes the reconstitution of tissues

5. Favours capillary metabolic detoxification, facial and body

6. Stimulates hair growth as it acts on blood circulation

7. Eliminates oiliness in the skin and hair

8. Eliminates bacteria and has a calming and relaxing effect

9. Smoothes and softens the skin



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