INCI: Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract
Hibiscus Flower also known as "vegetable botox" has been used since ancient times for many beauty treatments.

This wonderful plant belongs to the malvaceous family and has a total of 150 species that usually flower in regions with tropical and subtropical climates.

Its active principles and benefits are the following:

Malic Acid (Improves the firmness, quality and smoothness of the skin), Tartaric Acid (used to eradicate acne blemishes and marks), Citric acid (helps delay aging and acts against free radicals. Today it is found in a multitude of masks and specific cosmetic products.).

Vitamin C (stands out for being a good collagen regenerator), Riboflavin (vitamin of the B group that favours the hydration of collagen), Thiamine (vitamin of the B group that brings brightness to the skin), Beta-carotene (vitamin A with great antioxidant power that acts destroying free radicals).

Calcium (promotes the regeneration of skin cells), Phosphorus (promotes the absorption of vitamin B), Iron (essential for skin maintenance, as well as hair and nail growth).


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