I spent years in Ibiza, an island that every time I go I fall in love again, especially for its beaches, its crystalline waters, its sunsets, its sunrises, the good energy of its people and the positive vibrations it transmits, in short, what to say...


I have always heard how people who go to the island benefit from their muds to put them on their skin and absorb all their properties, the truth is that I have never dared to do so because many of these muds come from stagnant water or protected areas with difficult access, also mud can keep organic compositions alive and is not regulated by any health control.

After years of dwelling on these perplexities as to how I could benefit only from the unique properties these muds provide, all was resolved; a day sleeping in a charming hotel in Talamanca, where I was on holiday with a friend, I then developed my motive which was to, ‘Develop a product with muds from Ibiza that caters for everyone’. I channelled this motive and believed in my vision, although during this journey I was challenged with obstacles, I still held onto my dream in that I could get the help from a small laboratory to buy a quantity of mud, irradiate it (removing organic living matter) thus sanitizing it and leaving only its maximum benefits.

The dream became reality and this is how Barros de Ibiza was born, the best fulfilment of all is to be able to provide this unique product to all those people who can relate to me who perhaps have not dared to try this product on the same island or who have not had the opportunity to travel to Ibiza. Now you can have a part of Ibiza on your bedside table, this part of Ibiza that will take care of your skin every day.

Historia Barros de Ibiza

I have put all the affection in this new brand, not only with the best products to protect and care for your skin, but so that each time you use the cream it can bring you the good energy that breathes on the island. I have put all the affection into this new brand, not only with the best products to protect and care for your skin, but to have the intense effect of when you moisturize the cream into your skin, it transmits the same positive energy that breathes on the island. Every time you use the cream, I want you to imagine a sunrise, sunset and the ocean and transmit these same vibrations into the world around you.

That is why with every cream you purchase from Barros de Ibiza, not only do you buy a good product but, you also acquire thousands of good vibrations that we have put in our product.
Because I want to take care of you and I want you to take care of yourself.


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