Our products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, reduce the redness of atopic skin, soothe immediately and progressibely protect your skin from external environmental conditions, giving it a healthy, relaxed and cared for appearence.

Our skin is damaged daily, causing redness, irritatation and increased sensitivity. These damages are caused by constant exposure to aggressive external agents that can cause irritation, tightness, dryness or redness, even causing itching or pain.

The use of our soothing cosmetics, formed by agents that act and relieve discomfort, are widely used in these cases. It is convenient to know what we are exposing our skin, since sometimes the formulas of cosmetics are not entirely suitable, especially when we talk about sensitive skin. That is why, the use of natural cosmetics is recommended in these cases, in order to create a protective, regenerating and soothing layer on our skin.

There are many natural elements that can bring to our face that touch of calm that you need so much, so in Barros de Ibiza, we specially select those that give you the specific and necessary benefits.

Barro de Ibiza

The exclusive clays of Ibiza have numerous beneficial properties, one of them is the special calming action for sensitive and pinkish skin.

Aloe Vera

The famous Aloe Vera leaf juice and thanks to its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, protects our skin against free radicals. It has a powerful calming effect thanks to two of the hormones it contains; auxins and gibberellins.


ECO chamomile extract or camomila, has anti-free radical and protective properties against external damage and aging caused by the sun.

These are just some of the many natural elements with soothing uses for the skin that we use in our entire range of products, such as fig juice, jojoba oil, shea butter, rosemary extract or olive oil.

All our products have been created in order to take care of your skin daily, to protect and soothe it naturally. Carina La Rosa, Founder de Barros of Ibiza, has sensitive skin, so she started the range for all those who, like her, have skin with a tendency to redness or irritation, find in the same product, the best natural extracts to combine them.


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